Alexander Battey

Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexander Battey is PhD candidate at Columbia University studying Plasma Physics. He is currently using GPU-based parallel programming to implement an optimal controller and observer to identify and control the MHD Resistive Wall Mode (RWM) in real time, on the DIII-D tokamak device. Thesis work focuses on implementing a real-time optimal (LQG) controller and observer that includes both the n=1 and n=2 mode for the first time in a tokamak device. This work will also be leveraged to allow for a rotating RWM to be controlled at a prescribed frequency and nonzero amplitude for the first time in a tokamak. During his free time Alex also enjoys facilitating science educational outreach and has developed several videos for Columbia Engineering on Fusion Energy topics as well as presented as a Panelist at San Diego Comicon.