Job opportunities are available at every level, from first year undergraduate to experienced researcher.

Please expand the links below based on your intended role. Positions are filled throughout the year in some cases, while others are available only at certain times of year.

Job Opportunities

For candidates who have completed a doctoral degree, scientist positions are available via an open-rank posting that can be accessed at the link below. Ranks range from junior scientist positions to experienced senior scientist roles.


Post-doctoral positions are available. These positions do not have a formal application process, but if you are interested in the work of a particular PI, please email them directly.

PI contact information can be found here: /people

PI's with definite openings include:

Elizabeth Paul: Link1 Link2

Carlos Paz-Soldan

Steven Sabbagh

Graduate student positions are handled via the Columbia SEAS application process. Interested students should apply in the fall. Admissions take place once per year, with decisions being made in the spring for the incoming fall class. Make sure you indicate plasma physics in your application materials.


Undergraduate opportunities exist in the plasma physics group. Interested students are encouraged to email PIs directly.

PI contact information can be found here: /people

For students who wish to work with Prof Paz-Soldan, please use the following google form: https://forms.gle/viSUdEneLy66vFaZ6

Students from other universities can also work in the Columbia program via an internship with the PFURO program.