Both social and educational events occur regularly, see below.

Educational Events

Student seminar

A weekly student-led seminar series highlights current trends in plasma/fusion and adjacent research.

Students listen to the plasma colloquium

External speakers come approximately every week during the semester to present research and programmatic topics in the plasma/fusion field.

A list of speakers can be found here:

Poster symposium

An annual undergraduate poster symposium is carried out for students conducting summer research at the plasma lab.

The 2023 event was documented here:


Students, staff, and faculty attend the annual American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics (APS-DPP) annual meeting, documenting their progress in research.

2023 activity is documented here:

2022 activity is documented here:

Social Events

Once per month the Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Students society hosts a happy-hour in the department or offsite, with catered food and beverages.

APAM Friday
Alumni Dinner

Every year during the APS-DPP annual meeting, students and alumni of the plasma program at Columbia meet to enjoy dinner together.

Retreat at Rocky Mountain National Park

Group retreats are conducted by PI groups, usually after the APS-DPP meeting.