Antoine Baillod

Postdoctoral Fellow

Antoine is a postdoctoral research scientist specializing in stellarator theory and optimization. He successfully completed his Ph.D. in 2023 at the Swiss Plasma Center, where his research focused on 3D MHD equilibria calculations, considering finite pressure and current effects. During his doctoral studies, Antoine made significant contributions by enhancing the Stepped Pressure Equilibrium Code (SPEC) and applying it to optimize and gain valuable insights into the equilibrium pressure limit in classical stellarators. Currently, Antoine is a member of E. J. Paul's research group, where he contributes to the optimization of stellarator coils, aiming at designing a coil set for the new Columbia Stellarator Experiment (CSX). Additionally, he is actively involved in studying fast ion confinement in stellarators. Outside the laboratory, Antoine enjoys outdoor activities, with an emphasis on hiking, running, and ski touring. He is also an avid fan of board games and is always ready for an engaging game of chess!