Rian Chandra

Graduate Student

Advisor: Michael Mauel

Rian Chandra has been fascinated by fusion energy since high school, when he joined a student group running a small electrostatic plasma device. He grew up in the pacific northwest, and graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in physics and applied mathematics in 2017, where he worked with the HIT-SI spheromak research group. He also spent one year studying in Germany and working on low temperature plasmas and molecular spectroscopy. Attracted by the HBT-EP group's pioneering work into feedback and control of fusion plasmas, he joined in 2017 specifically to work under advisor Mike Mauel on the Extreme Ultraviolet detector diagnostic, and evaluate its potential for real time feedback based on optical signals, an open area of research in the field. He is presently in the third year of his doctoral journey.